Beta testing

One important step in this process is translating the design ideas generated in Providence to products that can be produced in Buenos Aries.

The cardholder was conceived to facilitate that translation. It is an entry-level product – simple in form and easy to assemble. Each step in its assembly – cutting, heat sealing, finishing – is identical to the techniques used to make more complicated products. As such it serves as a useful training product and as a tool to learn skills.

Updates —

November 2010
Erica Lee, the Waste for Life project manager, brought the instructions, templates and samples to Buenos Aries to make card holder prototypes with cartoneros and colleagues in BsAs, we are looking forward to seeing how material differences and quality control issues in Argentina may effect the final products.

October 2010
We ran a workshop at the Better World by Design Conference to see how easily the cardholders could be made, and to text the clarity of the instructions we will be sharing with colleagues in Buenos Aries.
Card Holder Design: Stephanie Retz ID’10, William Wells ID’11

Cardholder Instructions: Emily Sara Wilson GD’11
Better World Workshop Team: Stephanie Retz ID’10, Emily Sara Wilson GD’11, Erin Knowlton ID ’11, Zarela Y Mosquera ID ‘11, Kirchin Weston ID ‘12


One response to “Prototypes

  1. And luovar your concern with lead in recycling, because it shows just how broad and creative minds, ie, this expectation was not until they’ve ever figured that would serve the recycled plastic.
    It belongs to a Higher Institute of Arts and Culture, where the study design of equipment, also had similar work depicting the same theme of recycling.
    So it is not to deny that we had satisfactory results, but that does not reach this level of creativity not for lack of conditions, but for lack of research, so once again should be congratulated.

    I thank Professor Seth Stern, the talk he gave in my country Mozambique (Maputo), it was thanks to him I got your site.
    Elisio Bajone

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