There are many different ways to re-imagine, re-craft or re-manufacture plastic bags. At RISD our research has included:
Surface Patterning
Spinning and Weaving
Surface Texture
Bonding the Bags to Other Materials

Course credits:
Advanced Knitting, Textile Studio, Liz Collins
Waste for Life Industrial Design Studio, David Zitnick

Image & Design Credit: Erin Knowlton

Attached are some of the recipes created and collected by students in the Fall RISD Waste for Life Studio. RISD-W4L Recipes

Students at RISD have done a significant amount of material investigation many of which are collected in a set on our flickr site .

These investigations are inspired by and follow on Richard Serra’s Verb List 1967-1968 as well as the extraordinary bamboo research undertaken by RISD students in the late nineties.


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